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Does Your Data Depart With Employees?

June 11, 2018

When employees leave your company, do you know if your company’s data leaves with them?

Part of your procedures for off-boarding employees should involve the protection of the data they had access to while employed.

You pay a lot of money to build relationships with customers and clients. Your data of their activities, purchases, etc., fuels those relationships.

Unscrupulous employees, however, could take all of that hard work and expense and give it to their next employers — quite likely your competitors — for free.

That happens more frequently than you might think, as corporate presentations, customer lists and intellectual property leave with departing employees. Osterman Research reported that 69 percent of employees take data with them to their next employers. A Biscom survey in 2015 put that number at 87 percent.

The consequences range from loss of revenue to regulatory violations, legal battles and damage to a company’s competitiveness.

Protection of that data should begin while your employees still work for you. For example, employees should be required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy that explicitly states that the data they handle belongs to the company. It should specify that company data may not be copied to any removable storage media or external network drives or emailed or transmitted in any way without the written permission of management.

Other controls should include:

  • Visibility into employee practices
  • Limiting employee access to only the data they need for their jobs
  • Requiring encryption of sensitive data
  • Managing devices properly
  • Ensuring that data is backed up and archived properly
  • Requiring the use of enterprise apps
  • Deploying technologies that aid in achieving the above

For more information on how FlexITechs can help you protect your data from loss to departing employees, contact Eric Magill at 302-537-4198 or


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