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Security Plan Can Save Your Company Money

August 2, 2013
A Security Plan can not only save your company the embarrassment and financial losses associated with data breaches, but also from spending unnecessarily on security measures.
A Security Plan helps your company quantify the risks to your business, the potential costs of those risks to your business, and what you should spend on measures to mitigate those risks.
With hackers and burglars increasingly sharpening their attacks and focusing on less secure small businesses, a Security Plan has become an essential document for keeping a company’s data, equipment, employees and customers safe from theft, hacking and legal troubles.
Often working in concert with an Acceptable Use Policy, a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan, Employee Handbooks, and other company policies, guidelines, standards and procedures, a Security Plan encompasses all facets of security in your business, not just computer security.
It governs, for example, not only what anti-virus to use on your computers or the use of strong passwords, but also physical security such as locks, keys, alarm and surveillance systems, and authorized access to your firm’s assets.
Just as importantly, it provides a laser focus on what needs to be protected with a Risk Analysis. A Risk Analysis identifies the assets in your business, the security risks to those assets (theft, hacking, viruses, etc.), and the potential hard- and soft-dollar costs those risks present.
With the Risk Analysis in hand, you can then determine justifiable procedures and expenditures for mitigating those risks rather than blindly spending on security measures that may or may not be justified.
For help with developing your company’s Security Plan, contact FlexITechs owner Eric Magill at 302-537-4198.
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